Burning mouth syndrome
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Using the OSHA survey tool the D-2, this physical therapy certifications course certifies that you are able to perform an OSHA-compliant ergonomics analysis in multiple types of offices. Participants will learn to identify and resolve the common risk factors in today’s traditional and non-traditional burning bumps on tongue office environments.

Advanced training specialist (ATS) certification-level 1, offered by pinnacle training & consulting systems, LLC, provides a deeper and clear understanding of how burning sensation around lips human movement occurs, by teaching the functional anatomy, biomechanical principles & biomechanics behind daily & sport specific movements. Participants in this physical therapy certifications course will gain a clearer understanding of the essential integrative training components, and truly understand the foundation of periodization training, and recognize and understand comprehensively about how common movement dysfunctions occur, all based on evidenced based research with practical application.

Complete lips burning and tingling certified lymphedema therapist training (CLT), offered by monarch continuing education, is recommended for anyone who wants to treat more complex medical patients such as oncology patients, patients who have had lymph nodes removed or radiated, or those with extensive vascular edema with skin deterioration/ulceration. This physical therapy certifications class includes all workbooks, hardback text burnt mouth syndrome, upper extremity and lower extremity bandaging kits, lab fees, certification exam and 135 ceus.

Geriatric certification, offered by evidence in motion, offers pts and ots the opportunity to develop expertise in the clinical management of the aging patient population. The evidence‑based curriculum focuses on the development of clinical competencies in the treatment of older adults with functional and cognitive decline with the intention of returning patients to active and healthy lifestyles.

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